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voice unlocker apk logoVoice Unlocker APK is an android app gives your device new features. It is able to add new dimensions to your smartphone life. This android app detects your sound or voice also detect your only owner voice. The application will give your device a great smartness. Awesome and free android app to get premium feelings. Which is everybody wants on their mobile phone? Make your mind sure this app change your device with securely. And also give you a secure device which is you want.[bg_collapse view=”button-green” color=”#000000″ expand_text=”Show More” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]

Therefore Voice, Unlocker is the main Lock Screen that opens with your conversing with the telephone. Manual supersede (with the console) is accessible when you can’t state your unlocker code open.

Download Voice Unlocker APK

Also, Special bolt screen application that opens with your voice order (Passcode given by voice). Open your telephone with your voice or console and hotshot your cool bolt screen with your companions. Voice Enabled Lock screen is the just a single of its compose offering opportunity to open sans hands. Hands-Free Unlock your telephone.

Direct Download Link for getting APK

Direct (one Click)
Download Link- Click Here to Download
Last Updated- August 13, 2018
APP installer package Size- 8.2 Megabytes
Total Downloads From ABA- 110K (more than)
Current Version- 2.0.1
To install you need minimum Android 3.0 and uppers
Uploaded (play store) By- The ABS STUDIO

You can also use another fake Fingerprint LockScreen app. Click to download fingerprint LockScreen prank apk. This Smart Voice Lock Screen takes a shot at with your voice charges which makes your telephone interesting from others likewise we have furnished a Keypad Lock screen strategy with this App!

Why you use this smart app?

-If anyone trying to want to know about your privacy.
-If you want your device to save from another person.
-Reluctant to allow it to sit unbothered openly puts like school or air terminal,
-If anyone trying to unlock your phone.
-If you think your mobile will steal by the thief.
-Therefore if you want your device using securely you must use this android this app help you too much.
-Friendly and also easy to use with smart UI System.

More details:

Utilizing a customary Lockscreen to Lock and Unlock your telephone have been obsolete at this point. Utilize another way to deal with Lock/Unlock your cell phone utilizing your Voice and secure your portable from others approach.

On the off chance that in the event that you would prefer not to tell the others about your ” Voice Password ” or you can’t open your telephone utilizing your voice orders or Voice password to Unlock at that point don’t trouble yourself that your telephone will be bolted for all time. You all can utilize substitute Pin Code choice to open your cell phone.

Generally evaluating of APK of Voice Unlocker: Voice Lock Screen is 4.1. Please note that these are aggregate appraisals since the application was recorded on google play store. For the most part, a large portion of the best applications on the android store has the rating of 4+. Add up to the number of surveys 52573. Add up to the number of five-star audits got: 0. This application has been evaluated 1 star(bad) by 0 number of clients. An assessed number of the application downloads run in the vicinity of 1000000+ also according to the play store.

The app has already total ratings 4,725. And its rating right now 4.1. It seems like it will be a good app for you also it will complete your wish easily. Users are already satisfied because of using this app. This app nearly like great app platform.

Device requirements:

  • Your device must be android 3.0 or any higher version.
  • Internet Connection is needed for better or smooth working of Voice Lock Screen APK.
  • Offline Voice recognition is support only on devices with (JellyBean and above Operating Systems). To work properly on older versions, Internet Connection is needed.
  • Your device must be 1 GB ram Because low-end device faced lag or hang problems. If your device android version up to 3.0 you will need more ram for easy to use with excellent performance.

How to use this app quick and easy setup:

  • Download from the link above or you can directly download from the official online Android store for APK.
  • Once the voice unlocker APK install complete you may now open the app on your Android.
  • Now click to voice password.
  • Now tap also hold to record voice password and say anything which is your password your voice will be saved. And click now next button.
  • Now enter your password and click ok
  • All done Your device already switched to the newly installed locker application. Now all done your app is now running.

App setting:

  • Open Voice Lock Screen app and click app setting icon.
  • Choose Background: Select background for lock screen
  • Font style: select font style for date and time
  • Lock home key: The Home key is enabled
  • Date & Time: Hide date and time on lock screen.
  • Sound: sound is enabled.

Note: This app has not upgraded or premium option so, when your device connected to internet app ads might show. So, you can’t stop any ads but when no internet connections you can’t show any ads.

Voice Unlocker: Voice Lock Screen features:

-You can likewise set numeric watchword if voice secret key doesn’t work.
-User-friendly and best Voice Unlocker
-Show date and time on screen.
-Change shade of time and date.
-Change text Style to make more alluring your Voice Lock Screen.
-Enable Voice Lock Screen with a solitary tap.
-Enhance Security utilizing Home Key alternatives given in setting.
-5 Different HD Backgrounds are accessible to change the subject.
-Set your own any kind of voice secret key.

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How to uninstall or remove this app:

If you didn’t like this app and you also feel boring you maybe try to uninstall. But this app not easy to uninstall if you don’t know for the reason that you can’t do. Now go to app info now see Home app. Click home app and choose to your default launcher. Now you can easily uninstall your app because this is only one way to uninstall.

Full Summary 

Lastly, I can clearly say that- Voice Unlocker APK download and install process is very easy. Also, we have provided every bit of information about the voice screen locker application. So this app too much easy to use also anyone uses this app easily. Therefore Voice, Unlocker is the main Lock Screen that opens with your conversing with the telephone. Manual supersede (with the console) is accessible when you can’t state your unlocker code open. Finally, this app makes your device pretty and looking beautiful. Before going out of here you can see our collection of APK Best Apps.[/bg_collapse]

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