Root Browser APK File Manager Download For Android

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Root Browser APK File Manager is an essential app for the rooted Android users. We are always trying to share the most wonderful and best of the best-listed apps in the Android history. As a result, now we are gonna to share another best app for rooted Android users. This is the best app for Browser root sector’s files for managing. If you want to download the app from our secure server; Go to the download section and then click on the download link.[bg_collapse view=”button-green” color=”#4a4949″ icon=”arrow” expand_text=”Show More” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]

This browser is also known with “classic” browser. will share the official copy of this app. Firstly, this app downloaded from the google play store by an Android device. Then the expert uses the app several times for inspection the APK and finally if the APK able to satisfy the Android expert then we are upload and share the app on our server. Also, we share our experience and the most relevant information about the Android package installer.

Root Browser APK File Manager Instant Download for Android

Here is the instant download option for users. Also, we share the app related pieces of information. Read this info and download by clicking on the download link.

Root Browser APK Download

Direct Download Option And APK Details

Download Link: Click Here to Download APK
Name- Root Browser Classic
Installer Name- com.jrummy.root.browserfree.root
APK Version-
APK Size- 4.09 MB
Requirement- Minimum Android 4.0 and later.
Last Update- Aug 27, 2018
Total Downloads for ABA- More than 11,000 times.
Released and Developed By- JRummy Apps Inc.

This browser is made only for the rooted user of Android. Please do not download this app; if you are not a rooted user. The app is not usable for the unrooted Android phones/tabs. But if you want to root your Android phone use the KingRoot APK.

Also, it is not suitable for the normal rooted users; because of all the important configuration files will be browsed by the app. And, if you are deleting, cut, copy or paste an Android System files; then your phone may be damaged.

Due to this security problems, I think this browser is only for advanced rooted users. Not for the normal/general users. It is our recommendation for you.


Here are some most popular FAQs are attached for your kind information. You should read the faqs before start using it on Android.

Are what the requirements?

Yes, only single (basic) requirements are that you need to root your android before installing the root browser apk. But some more requirements are needs to using it. Such as firstly, This is the version 3.2.9 and it only usable on Android 4.0 and later.

Can I read, Write or Edit files on Android?

Yes. But you need firstly root your android. And, then you can use this application. It is very easy to read, write or edit (copy, cut, paste) a system configuration files. It offers you some wonderful features. Such as moving Android hidden files and folders. Also, can be coping.

How Comfortable To Using?

Awesome! Much comfortable for handling files and folders even hidden. Some file explorer cannot rename the root folders and files. But Root Browser App can able to explore the easily rename any system files for any versions Android.

Can I Compressor Zip A File?

The powerful feature is that the file manager app can incredibly compress every file even folders. And, it will save on your required places as ZIP format. It also offers you to make a ZIP folder with one more file or docs.

Is there a search button on it?

Why not bro? In the new version of Root Browser APK has a high-performance search option. Find out every byte of your files like .idc file even the ZIP files. Advanced search option also available such as search by name, file size, file creation date etc more.

Wonderful Features of Root Browser App

Here are included some most wonderful features for this fantastic android file explorer. I have added this features from the official website and also from my own user experience. Maybe it will help you to make an advanced user.

  • Multiple File Manager Options
    Contains one more file manager panel for making more user-friendly. It is in total 2 file management panel. You can handle them easily.
  • Multiple File Operation
    Move or Rename multiple files at a time. Selecting or marking all systems are available in the recent version. Making compression files is now more than easy. Due to ZIP and Tar making options are easy too!
  • Opening A Compress File
    Without extracting opening a compress (ZIP, TAR, RAR) file with this browser/explorer. Even it can open a jar file and other files like them.
  • Read and Rewriting a file
    It allows to read every bit of files on Android and also rewrite (coding) any files. Editing a file on root sector is now very easy if you use the root browser apk for this operation.
  • Starting (creating) a New Directory
    Click on the icon of “Create directory” and type the name of the new directory & finally press “OK” or “Enter” from the keyboard.
  • Deleting A Existing Directory:
    Deleting an old director is easy to delete. Just select the dir and tap the “Delete” Button from the above. Make sure for finally deleting the dir by clicking on the “Yes”. It should delete within a few seconds. Basically, it depends on the number of containing files and folders. But this task can not take more than a minute.
  • One-Click Email Option
    Select your required file (ZIP, TAR, RAR, JAR etc and other any file) and tap on the email button. Open your email app and it will automatically attach on the new email option. Send it.

Thank you for reading till now. It should be helped and informative. We have tried to give you the best from our research knowledge. Download Root Browser APK and enjoy it. If need to contact and support or if you need to know more about the application- Please drop a comment in this post. Thanks once again.[/bg_collapse]

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