FoxFi APK WiFi Tether APP New Version Download for Android (No Root)

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Download FoxFi APK new version app for your Android. If you are searching the updated version of the free FoxFi APK; Here is the best place to get it easily. This Android application is one of the most useful and freeways to connecting Laptops/computers and Android/Tablets. In a short sentence, FoxFi app is best for the making WiFi tether. FoxFi Apk is a well-known and handy app to handle the WiFi hotspot building. [bg_collapse view=”button-green” color=”#4a4949″ icon=”arrow” expand_text=”Show More” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]

FoxFi APK Latest Version Download

The main aim of this article is sharing the APK of Foxfi App. Here is the one-click download method available to install APK on your Android.

FoxFi APK Download For Android

Direct Download Section and APK Details

This section is for APK Details and Direct Download option. The Download Link is available on the first line of the paragraph below. Please clicke to download. Thank you!

Download Link: Click Here to Download
Download Link Type: 1. Our Secure server 2. Third Party Server
APK Name- FoxFi (WiFi Tether w/o Root)
Package Name- com.foxfi
Version Details- 2.20
Weight- 218 KB
Total Downloads- More than 5k times for ABA.
Development and Uploaded (Google Play Store) By FoxFi Software

The FoxFi users will really delight to hear the news about the integration between FoxFi and PdaNet application! Recently, they have announced to be together. And, Now they released the updated version of Foxfi + PdaNet mixed app. Here are some most asking questions and answers:

Is it a USB Tether?

No. But it is an alternative to USB Tethering. It uses your WiFi to connect devices to devices for sharing internet easily. The most interesting matter is that The FoxFi is only 3MB. And, it can not slow down your phone. Usable for almost any version of updated Android. But Android 7.0 Nougat is required minimum.

Is it an indirect wifi hotspot App?

No. It one kind of wifi hotspot app for direct connectivity for making a best level wifi hotspot. After joining with the PdaNet. Now the PdaNet minimum version 5 give a permit to the user for connecting with WiFi. In making internet sharing hotspot between computers or laptops also tablets and Android even! In my practical research, I revealed that the PdaNet maybe required to install on your Desktop device.

What Kinds of Devices can connect?

Don’t worry, you can connect any kinds. Any OS devices of any versions of Android, Windows phone, Blackberry, and iPhone or Apple OS etc all.

FoxFi APK Legacy Update

Every day phones and computers are updated. As a result, FoxFi APK developer is now going to release update version or FoxFi app.

Important News about the app (problem):

Do you know that? After releasing the latest version, you can not be making the previous hotspot method. Even if you try with the Verizon Phones!

What is the alternative? How to resolve this?

Above problem is unbearable. But I think every problem has a solution too! And this problem can be down the popularity of an app like FoxFi. As a result, the official FoxFi authority was announced to make a solution as soon as possible. And recently the give you to make a chance to allowing old hotspot by using the PadNet. Latest Version of PadNet can resolve your such kinds of problems.

Most Important Legacy (supported devices) At A Glance:

  • Do not use the previous version of Nougat Android 7.0.1. Because It is now unable to make WiFi mode though you are trying with Verizon Phones.
  • Minimum use later version of Android Nougat 7.0.1 to enjoy the latest features of FoxFi APK.
  • Supported Devices of Samsung Verizon:
    =>S3 to S7 and Samsung EDGE. Also supports- Samsung note 2 to 5. LG company’s phone (Verizon devices) version 10 and G-Series phones (versions- minimum 2.0+). Sony Verizon supports- Android versions- 6+.

Wish you good luck with enjoying the FoixFi APK. One of the most wonderful and best wifi hotspot maker Android Application (WiFi) ever. Have you any question? You can throw us a question by dropping a comment under this article. I’m waiting for helping you as soon as possible. Thank you for your support at [/bg_collapse]


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  1. I have downloaded the foxfi apk. But I’m a newbie user. As a result I can not use this app properly. Please can any one help me to using foxfi app properly? or have a YT vid tutorial?


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