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Pic locker app logoLock or hide your secret photos and show your photos as like as a gallery. You Can also lock your pic locker app like password or pin lock. By using this app You can View your photos with very sharpness. You can play any videos and you can also lock your videos file too. Hide your mobile phone’s any important Photos, no one cannot see your photo without your permissions or password. If anyone wants to try to found any secret Photo Than he can not. Because your app to bits of help hides from others people. By using that app you can safely protect your private picture easily.[bg_collapse view=”button-green” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”Show More” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]

If you want to your private or secret photo hide or you want to share your private or secret video with others. It app helps you Securely to hiding from others people or persons. You can just lock your app or you can select your photo what you want to hide. You just select your photo and make hide. Hide your any photo from other people by using Pic locker apps for the android app. You can also hide anything which is under your media sections. Make your device media sections so much Securely. You can save with hiding you’re you the pic with pic locker apps. Here is another best Vid Locker APK New Version Download For Android.

Pic locker – Hide Photo Download For Android

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Pic Locker apk download


App info: SIZE: 7.3 MB

Current Version 2.6
Price Free
Requirements 4.0 and up
Last Updated September 28, 2018

Installs (total)
Over 5,000,000+ downloads

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The supply from googles plays store and a couple of various outcast applications stores. Its application is such huge amounts of higher than indistinguishable or tantamount grouping application. In the event that you exploitation this application trust, you’ll hint at changeability and using most higher application exploitation. If you need Voice Unlocker APK, please tap on the link for free download.

Why you use Pic locker App Uninstall APK useful app and how to work?

  • If you want to your device photo more secure.
  • Make your photo hide no one can not see or watch your photo if he unlocks your mobile phone.
  • Hide some secret or aged photos.
    When you lock your photos these software makes photo a zip file which is the lock with password. This zip file in your device app folder with hiding if you turn one folder option show hidden file or folder then you can see it. also, this zip file can back up your photo when you deleted photos. If someone tries to extract your zip file he or she can’t because of this zip file locket with the same password which password use to unlock your photos.

Features Includes In This App :

  •  Hide and Lock Multiple Photos and Videos.
  • Easy Pass Code Access.
  • Move Photos and Videos between envelopes.
  • Delete and Restore Photos or Videos Instantly.
  • Instant playback of recordings.
  • Disappears from ongoing apps list.
  • See who endeavored to get to PicLock

Two different ways to Hide Photos and Videos to PicLock

  • Open PicLock, Set your password and make different envelopes.
  • Add different photographs to your envelopes  Just select the pictures you need to be covered up and tap the tick symbol from the best

Or on the other site

  •  While seeing a photograph/ video tap the offer symbol
  • Select PicLock from the rundown of apps
  • PicLock will exchange the photographs and recordings from your display and shroud them.

More Important Info of Pic locker APK APP

With PicLock you can bolt delicate photographs and recordings from your photograph display and access them effectively utilizing a mystery PIN code.

We esteem your criticism and proposals, kindly don’t waver to send us your musings on how we can enhance of future adaptations of Pic Lock. Get in touch with us at for input and issues. The secret word you set can be from four to eight digits, just numbers: a more than adequate wellbeing measure to prevent anybody from getting to your photos without consent. You can make the same number of organizers as you need for exceptionally close to home pictures, pictures of delicate archives, or essentially your whole photograph gathering.

The manner in which Photo Locker works is exceptionally straightforward: it gives you a chance to make secret phrase ensured envelopes where you can put the same number of photographs as you need. To add photographs you simply need to go inside one of these envelopes, press the ‘include pictures’ catch, and select the photos you need to secure.

Short summary:

Bolt or shroud your mystery photographs and demonstrate your photographs as like as an exhibition. You Can likewise bolt your pic locker app Like secret word or stick bolt. By utilizing this app You can View your photographs with exceptional sharpness. You can play any recordings and you can likewise bolt your recordings document as well. Conceal your cell phone any essential Photo nobody can’t see your photograph without your authorizations or secret phrase. In the event that anybody needs to endeavor to establish any mystery Photo Than he can not. Since your app to bits of assistance avoids others individuals. By using that app you can securely ensure your private picture effectively.[/bg_collapse]

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