Nougat Launcher APK New Version Download For Android

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Nougat Launcher APK latest edition is free to download for Android phone users. This launcher gives your device a new look. If you using the android jelly bean, KitKat, Lollypop, Marshmallow you can change your android version default looks. First of all, if you already use android KitKat and you also boring about this theme you can get or make Nougat theme. This Nougat Launcher: Pixel Edition app will give your device a great look. By using this app you can also give your phone a new look with a brand new theme.[bg_collapse view=”button-green” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”Show More” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]

It almost or seems like as 100% can change your device look. Because of this app look like as android Nougat. In the new edition of the launcher, almost gives you a smart Nougat feeling.  As a result, this app makes your device and also convert to any others android version. This app has a smart Feature which is you can easy to use it.

Nougat Launcher APK New Version – Download Section

A new copy of the official version (updated) download is now more than easy from ABA. Now we are going to give you the chance to free getting it from our secure server. Here also, some basic information about the APK file. You can read the files and click on the download link to get it quickly.

Nougat Launcher APK Download

Free Download Link and Basic APK Information(s)

Download Path- Click Here To Download
The last Update Released On- August 25, 2018
Launcher Size (APK)- 6.7 Megabytes;
Total Downloads From ABA- More Than 100K Times;
Latest Version- 8.9.17;
Supported Android (Versions)- Minimum Android 4.2;
Developer and Offered By- Mr. ismail Akkulak

Device requirements:

  1. Your device must be android Jellybean  4.2 or any higher version.
  2. Your device must be 1 GB ram Because low-end device faced lag or hang problems. If your device android version up to 4.2/Jellybean you will need more ram for easy to use with excellent performance.

Why should you use this awesome launcher?

  • If your device look or theme convert to android Nougat this launcher app will give you what you want. Because this app changes your device look to Nougat.
  • Users who want Android Nougat 7.1 style launcher; this app experience as an android Nougat feelings. It will complete your hope.
  • People who want a more smooth, more powerful and playful experience from their Android device. This app gives you what you want Because it seems like an original  Nougat.
  • Friendly and also easy to use with updated and brand new smart UI System.

Nougat Launcher: Pixel Edition is an observance Android N mode launcher. This is adjusted to the Android Nougat 7.1 launcher and pixel highlights. Adding of the Launcher gives adaptable Nougat UI alternatives and furthermore keeps more seasoned Android 6.0 Marshmallow choices, accessible for Android 4.4 and higher Android version.

Rating And Reviews

Generally evaluating the APK is 4.1. Please note that these are aggregate appraisals since the application was recorded on google play store. For the most part, a large portion of the best applications on the android store has the rating of 4+. Add up to the number of surveys 52573. Add up to the number of five-star audits got: 0. This application has been evaluated 1 star(bad) by 0 number of clients. An assessed number of the application downloads run in the vicinity of 1000000+ also according to google play store.

It has already total ratings 46,225. And its rating right now 4.1. It seems like it will be a good app for you also it will complete your wish easily. Users are already satisfied because of using this launcher. This app nearly like great theme based application platform.

How to use this launcher quick and easy setup:

  1. Download from the above link or you can directly download from google play store search ‘Nougat Launcher: Pixel Edition’
  2. Once your install complete you may now open it.
  3. Click home setting. Now change to the home app to the new launcher. Note: don’t cancel or ignore this set-up. If you do you can’t set up or convert to Nougat.
  4. Now all done Your device already converted to Android nougat theme or launcher. Now all done your app is now running.

Launcher setting:

  1. Open the newly installed app if not open Press hold the app and clink app info.
  2. You can settings launcher app such as general, desktop, drawer, folder, shortcuts, gesture, icon theme, and even more.

The Prime Version:

If you want seems like premium you can try but it. If you bye it primes you couldn’t see any ads. You can get a more important feature. Because this gets prime options to give you better things.

Main Features On the New Version:

  • Shortcuts are supported for Android 7.1 and higher.
  • Static shortcuts are supported for Android 5.1 and higher.
  • Custom Nougat shortcuts are supported for Android 4.4 and higher.
  • Style embedded icon packs like the Android™ Nougat 7.1 official version
  • Android™ Nougat 7.1 style native round icon options.
  • Pixel style app drawer with Vertical & Horizontal Paging.
  • Search Bar options: Pill Bar & Search Bar with dynamic colors from wallpaper.

Hence ew Folder sees options. Dynamic All Apps catch and gadget and shortcut.”OK, Google” because of Voice Detection for upheld languages. so, System Bar style choices. Google Now swiping as allowed for outsider launchers. Conceal Apps in App Drawer. Begin aide intended to import easy routes from other Android launchers. Expanded Icon Packs and Shapes and Shape Styles.Fixed/Float Wallpaper. probably Resize any gadgets. even more Clean straightforward outline and smooth because of activities with the new version. Furthermore, Nougat Launcher APK gives you a great performance because of this app UI better than any other launchers.

How to uninstall or remove:

If you didn’t like this theme and you also feel boring you maybe tried to uninstall. But this app not easy to uninstall if you don’t know for the reason that you can’t do. Now go to app info now see Home app. Click home app and choose to your default launcher. Now you can easily uninstall your app because this is only one way to uninstall.

Full Summary

First of all this app give your device new looks with another android versions fellings. This app too much easy to use also anyone uses this app easily. Finally, this app makes your device pretty and looking beautiful. [/bg_collapse]

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