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WhatsApp Sniffer APK Logo OfficialWhatsApp sniffer apk just one kind of tracking tool. By using this app you can track your or care about your family. You can track about your all family members. Everybody wants they save his family form the bad habit. It can help you care about your family. So, everybody must want this app on their mobile phone if he wants to care for his family. So, this android app helps you much. This app you can not find in google play store. I will help you how to use this app and how it works.[bg_collapse view=”button-green” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”Show More” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]

More then 1+ Billion people already using WhatsApp this is the most successful social app. So, you already know how much popular this app. Your friend circle, GF, your son or daughter may use this app. Sometimes, Your need to know their security or privacy. Your friend circle, GF, your son or daughter how to use and who is his/her connect person what he/she doing. About his/her messaging history. You can track your girlfriend if you think to dodge with you. This app helps to track your near sides people. You can only see his/her messaging history and his/her contact and connected persons. Also, there are an app named imo frank.

Download WhatsApp Sniffer APK

First of all this app only work your wifi area if anyone connected with your wifi network you can tracking his history and contact list. Remember if he using another wifi network this app will not work. so, make sure your target must in your wifi area. If he connected with your wifi network you can easily track your target. By working well you may root your device if your device not rooted another way is you must install BusyBox android app you can find this app in google play store.

WhatsApp Sniffer APK Download For Android:

Go to the download section and download this app. After download completely then you install this app if your device unknown app installs not permission you must on permissions. Note if your device has rooted this app will give best and better performance.

Direct Download Link

After install complete: How works this tool

  • Open WhatsApp Sniffer APK
  • I recommend BusyBox app, you must download this app. If your device is already rooted you not to need to install BusyBox.
  • Make sure your device must be connected with wifi and your target device also connect your same wifi network if not your app will not work.
  • Click the check mark in the box icon and then start.
  • Then Your app load sometimes after loaded you will get your target result about his/her easily.

Why this is the worlds #1 WhatsApp hacking app:

First of all, this is track app using this app you can tracking any person who connects your network area. If you need to grab information(s); this app a lot of help to you. This is one of the apps in the whole world which is tracking people and grabs you his/her info also messaging history and connected peoples contact list.


  • If you want to tack care for your family you may use the app this app may tracking your family all person.
  • If you need to know about GF/BF privacy his/her messaging history you need to use this app.
  • Want to know about your friend privacy this app helps to you know about your friends.
  • Tracking your son or daughter how to use and who is his/her connect person what he/she doing. About his/her messaging history.
  • You can track any person who is your wifi connected area.
  • Remember this is not hacking tool this is just tracking tool this tool useful to you.


This app also has a good and bad site I recommend you

Please Using The Good Side Like If You Want To Care About Your Family Or A Ideal Purpose Only. Do Not Use This Application To Harm AnyOne.

You should use this app with good sides. Almost 90% of people are using this app in a good way and save his hurt from the bad habit. if you think Dodge with you. This app helps to track your near sides people. You can only see his/her messaging history and his/her contact and connected persons. So, please use this app with your good mind don’t sare anyone your target person info.

How to Hack WhatsApp by using WhatsApp Sniffer APK:

Open the newly installed application (sniffer) On the off chance that recommended BusyBox App, you should download this application if your gadget is as of now attached you not to need to introduce this application. Ensure your gadget must be associated with wifi and your objective gadget likewise interface your same wifi arrange if not your application won’t work. Tap the check stamp in the case symbol and after that begin. At that point Your application stack now and then after stacked you will get your objective outcome about his/her effectively.


This Android AP, however, you can utilize this on any established gadgets. It encourages you to know the visit of those individuals who are utilizing the same web association.

As a troublesome or dubious application, it can undoubtedly take your total talk from WhatsApp, without utilizing watchword implies any individual who is a similar client of your web association can take your private visit from your WhatsApp record and they needn’t bother with your record’s secret word…

On the off chance that you need to download WhatsApp Sniffer here is the immediate connection simply click beneath and begin appreciating.

Up and coming to the more highlights will include after once in a while. In the event that there has any issue or issue as like a video to see how can it function along these lines. You may ask beneath remark box and I will attempt to give all the requires as satisfy your desire inside a couple of hours.

Thoughts Finally:

Most importantly WhatsApp Sniffer  (.apk) app works your wifi zone in the event that anybody associated with your wifi organizes. You can following his history and contact list. Keep in mind on the off chance that he using another wifi arrange this application won’t work. in this way, ensure your objective should in your wifi zone. On the off chance that he associated with your wifi organize you can easily track your objective. As a result functioning admirably you may root your gadget. If your gadget not established another way is you should install busybox android application you can discover this application in google play store. Finally, if you want to grab info you can do this easily.[/bg_collapse]

27 thoughts on “WhatsApp Sniffer APK New Version for For Android”

  1. Dear admin sir

    My GF cheating me. Recently, I follow her, she is now going to make a relationship with another guy. Now I need to track her WhatsApp Account. Most of the hacking specialists are recommended me for using WhatsApp Sniffer to track others WhatsApp activity. This app is now the world’s best whatsapp hacking apk. I download this application from your website. And, now it now starts working! But Sir, give me some more hidden tips to use this application as a smart user.
    Thank you, sir.

    • Within a few days, our sniffer app expert will release another article about the tips and tricks with WhatsApp Sniffer. So, please wait for the next announcement. And, keep your eye regular on our site. Thanks a lot for your comment.

  2. sir i want to know my.How many pepole chating with my gf. recently she ignore me then privious time and anything she don’t share with me like previous time. Sir, how i easily and free download whatsapp sniffer? please help me.

  3. How to download this application? Please describe me as soon as possible. I’m a new internet user. As a result, don’t know the download path. Please, sir, help me.

  4. My girlfriend started cheating on me. but I m now secretly in-charge her whatsapp activity and chat sessions. excellent working whatsapp sniffer.

  5. Love you WhatsApp Sniffer. It the one-click hacking system. But the only pros is that it needs wifi. But averagely this is a good thing.

  6. after reading this article, I don’t find the proper download link, so I have downloaded the app from another website on the web.
    but this article is not workable on data connection. it only works in wifi. are you able to give me some more tips about how to use this app on data mood? advanced thanks for your help.

  7. I have downloaded the whatsapp sniffer from this website.
    But the Android security app blocked to install this on my phone. So I have given permission to install apk on the device. It takes about only one minute. But the two matter is very hard for me.
    firstly, it needs to root my phone for properly working and sniffing the network for hacking whatsapp.
    secondly, it can work only via wifi. It is unable to works on the data mood.
    Do you give me some recommendation or suggestion about the two problems above? Basically, I don’t want to root my phone. And my victim is not using wifi. She using data for using whatsapp messenger.
    But your post is very informative and helpful, useful also!
    I’m waiting for a helpful answer. Please reply me quickly. It is so much immediate for me. Thanks a lot.

  8. The main problem is that it need root permission. But I’m heisted due to spying. It is a whatsapp spy app. As a result, I confused about my security. If i give permission to read my Android’s root sector or system sector; can It hack also my personal data?

  9. Firstly, I tries with my non-roted samsung android. But it is not works on the unrooted android. Finally, I have decided to root my android and I was successfully rooted my android.
    I amazed, how possible! WhatsApp Sniffer find out my victim’s account and give me all the information by the sniffing the router. Thank your WhatsApp Sniffer. After this process, I have return to the unrooted version on my Samsung Android.

  10. Whatsapp Sniffer is good. But I think, nowadays there is a lot of other best WhatsApp spy tool available on the web. But the main problem is all the spy tools are premium. Please share some related free tools too. Finally, thanks a lot for sharing WhatsApp Sniffer. I download the APK from your website. Thanks once again.


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