APK Uninstaller Latest Version Download for Android

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APK Uninstaller logoWant to uninstall with so much easier and one clicks your app in your android device. This APK Uninstaller will be the best app for you for uninstall because you can uninstall any app with just one click. You can also uninstall your system app/root apps. If you want to uninstall system app you just need to root your android mobile device. If your mobile has no root permissions grant it app cannot uninstall your system. System app uninstall must require root access. Easy to uninstall app any app from in this app. Easy to use and very friendly. Reduce you uninstall time and also fast remove the app from your device just one click. Which is so fast and so much easy what you want and what about you can remove the app with faster speed.[bg_collapse view=”button-green” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”Show More” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]

Make a faster uninstall your android app with just one click. You can see in the app all app in list type and right side you can see uninstall on the right side just click it and uninstall your app what app you want. If you uninstall a lot of apps you using this app because it app make sure reduce your uninstall time. Reduce your app uninstall time and easy to one-click uninstall which is too much easy to remove any app. If your device has root permissions access so you can uninstall your system app easily which app uninstall you. But remember do not uninstall your important system app if you do you will face some problem and risk also. You can uninstall 3dr party ads type app it is better for you. We have also shared the CyanogenMod installer apk for Android. You can download the app for free!

Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall APK Download for Android

Go Download Section and download this uninstaller apk for free. By then, you present this app if your device unknown app presents not approval you ought to on assents. Note if your contraption has set up this app will give best and better execution. These apps right as of now in google play store and moreover some other untouchable app store.

APK Uninstaller Download


App info: SIZE: Varies with the device

Current Version
Varies with device
Price Free
Requirements Varies with the device
Last Updated September 3, 2018

Over 10,000,000+ downloads.

It app available in google play store and other outsiders app store. As of now it app show signs of improvement records and some great survey in this app. As of now, these apps gain a great deal of the numbers of audits which is better for app clients. There are 90% is great and well-disposed surveys. Effectively more than one a huge number of individuals are utilizing this app. With additionally one million people are dynamic clients. More than 152 k individuals are surveying this app and furthermore, 120k individuals give 5 of 5 rating which is great. In general it app increase 4.5 rating.

The source from googles plays store and some other 3rd party apps store. Its app is such a great amount of superior to the same or similar category app. In the event that you utilizing this app trust, you will get a better experience and using so much better app utilizing.

Why you use Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall APK useful app and how to work?

  1. If you want to clean like uninstall a lot of the number of apps you want to be uninstalled. You can do that super faster.
  2. One click uninstall your android mobile device apps.
  3. Save you uninstall time and also complete your work with super faster.
  4. Easy to use this app and anyone can use this app.

Features Include In This App

  1. App remove: Easy to uninstall with one click
  2. Batch uninstall: You can use a batch uninstall method.
  3. AntiVirus – Virus Scan with face protections you can find the virus and you can delete it.
  4. Battery Usage Tracking: By using this app you can track your battery life.
  5. App Usage Tracking: you can track about app usage history
  6. Fast uninstall by one click: Just one click you can do uninstall your app.
  7. List all installed apps: You can see also uninstall app list.
  8. Show app name, also the version, also update time and size
  9. Search app by name: You can search app by name.
  10. Various sort mode: Short by app name some type of mode.
  11. App share: You can easily share your apps.
  12. Launch app: You can see also lunch app list which is time and date.
  13. Cached app list: can see the users of your app cached data file.
  14. Search in Google Market: You can search app from google play store.
  15. Support Android 1.6-4.x: You can get this new features.
  16. Support App 2SD: This method you can back up your app’s file
  17. Uninstall History (Recycle Bin): You can uninstall your history in here.
  18. Uninstall Reminder: It app automatically remind you to uninstall time.

APK uninstaller: Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall Download for Android

Simple Uninstaller additionally underpins application look and sort. Long press determined the application, a setting menu will fly up and give more choices. It is very simple to utilize, you can choose different applications that you need to uninstall, and click Uninstall Selected Apps also catch to uninstall them. Evacuate application effortlessly by the single tick. Bolster bunch uninstalls. Show application name, adaptation, establishment time and size. Inquiry application by name. Different sort modes. Small application measure. Feature application which is moved to sd card by TF symbol. Channel framework also applications which can’t be uninstalled

Short summary:

Simple to uninstall application any application form in this application. Simple to utilize and neighborly. Lessen you uninstall time and furthermore quick expel the application from your gadget only a single tick. Which is so quick thus much simple what you need and shouldn’t something be said about you can expel the application with quicker speed. Make a quicker uninstall your android application with also only a single tick. You can find also in the application all application in list compose and right side you can see uninstall on the correct side simply click it and uninstall your application what application you need.[/bg_collapse]

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