3D My Name Live Wallpaper New Version for Android

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logo3D My Name Live Wallpaper app offer to make a custom live wallpaper form a normal text. You can make a live custom your mobile device screen live wallpaper from any text. Make a wallpaper form your name or lover name or any words. You can also do your name make a 3D live wallpaper APK. Which is looks your device screen so pretty. You can be using any text stylish font to make so beautiful. Make and change your wallpaper any time without limitations. This is totally a great even more custom wallpaper which can you edit what about wishing Also some kind of feature looks so much good.[bg_collapse view=”button-orange” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”Show More” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]

By customizing the text style you can make looking so beautiful what you want. These types of making too much cool on your device screen. I will give you the best type of apps link. This types of the app give you a complete mobile looks. If you have a lover you can make a cool thing like two couple love text which gives too more impressive from your lover. He or she thinks you love so much and give a perfect understanding. You can make your child or grandchild name. If you have a loving person it will just for you. If you are a normal mobile youtube video maker this app gives a cool screen lock like your youtube channel name. You can also make a great video tutorial about these apps.

3D My Name Live Wallpaper APK Download For Android

Download the apk from the download section of apk best apps. Give the permissions to your Android system to install apps from the third party. Note if your device has rooted this app will give best and better performance.

 3D My Name Live Wallpaper apk Download

Basic App info

SIZE: 3MB only

Current Version- Latest

Price- Free

Requirements- 4.0.3 and up

Last Updated- September 4, 2018

Direct Download link

Already a make a great place in google play store. which is better for you because which apps have many users with the good rating that kind of 90% more better for you any other apps. It is the best of these type of apps. Already one million plus people who download and install with one million people are active users. In Google play store these apps gain 4.4 rating which is so much good. With 20 k people reviews. More than 13 k people give these app 5 of 5 rating. Which is excellent for you.

Why this is a useful app and how it works

  1. If you want to happy with anyone.
  2. If you have your lover you can impress your lover which is greater in your relationship.
  3. You can be using it app your child or grandchild names. If he or she sees it they hope happy.
  4. Also, you can be using your name for great looking.
  5. You can use any types of text what you want. Can make a custom text and use it on your screen wallpaper. Which
  6. look so great furthermore, you can get a more pretty thing which you wanted on online.

These type of has a smart sensor which can make your text to 3D types or more impressive types. You can be customized for any text from to 3D style. These apps convert normal text to 3D text. You can also these wallpaper save in your device.

Features Include In The New Version

  1. Awesome Font Styles: You can change your custom text font style.
  2. Different Design: Make custom text style for some number of new decorations type.
  3. Consumes Less Battery: Use low memory in the background so Consumes Less Battery.
  4. Amazing Colours: Get some type of color which is more impressive in your screen.
  5. Cool Animation: Get some type of cool animations which give your more pretty
  6. Easy to use anyone can use it.

Snow, Heart, Both Snow and Heart and None Effect in the Live backdrop.Two Appearance of your name. Option due to change Solid and Gradient shading. No Battery deplete. Includes my photograph. Load probably pictures from the exhibition, Camera. Add Border to Your Photos with various shading. Arrange your Photo in a Square, Rectangle, Circle and numerous more shape. Option to show up and vanish Name on Screen Enable/Disable. Option to Show Photo on Screen Enable/Disable. Write your Name from the Settings page.

Ability to set the First Name and Second name First and Last Name. Select My Name content position Top, Bottom, Middle or Anywhere on Screen. Change My Name content Color. Change My Name Shadow Color. Choose diverse text styles. Option to indicate Single and even more Multi Photo. Hd 8 foundations. Option to Choose your Personal Background New. Now you can pick your experience from Gallery or take it from the camera New. Option to empower Snow Effect.

what’s new in the latest version

  1. Fixed Updated battery saver issue
  2. Improve  More systems.
  3. UI some bug Fixed.

Tips to use this app perfectly

  1. After install download opens your app.
  2. Then type in the text of the 3D cube box.
  3. Click now set live wallpaper if you want it.if not click edit.
  4. Setting: Change font type click and select the font type. Transparent show the cube transparent. Probably
  5. Interactive it allows you to move the cube. Change speed changes the speed of the cube.

3D My Name Live Wallpaper is a life so backdrop in which you can compose your name or different names with Gradient and strong shading with your Photo on your home screen. Your name will show up and even more vanish and your Photo is Floating Horizontally on your home screen. In My Name Live Wallpaper, you can compose anybody Name, content, Message and so on and You can Choose any photographs from Gallery or Camera. Appreciate this Live backdrop with your own name and you are own particular even more Photo in the live backdrop.


Download 3D My Name Live Wallpaper app for making a professional screensaver from your Android. Which is looks your device screen so pretty. This is totally a great custom wallpaper which can you edit what about wish Also some kind of feature looks so much good. This types of the app, even more, give you a complete mobile looks. If you, even more, have a lover you can make a cool thing like two couple love text which gives too more impressive from your lover.[/bg_collapse]

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