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TRIFTEL APK Free Download and Install On Android Smart Phone & TV, the newest version of “TRIFTEL” Social app is now available for one click download from our secure and safest server.

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Triftel undoubtedly has all of the commonly available features present in the other apps, but it also incorporates some new exciting features which makes it unique.
Now, ‘Chat in your own extended privacy.’ This feature incorporates pin protected chats with a default message timer. That means the messages of the sender or receiver would be deleted after a particular time period which is up to you to decide. Also, what is the point of getting notified after a screen shot has been taken? With this feature, no one would be able to screenshot your conversation, which you made with trust.

Do you have a habit of checking your phone while walking or driving? If yes, then we have got your front covered. With the use of a back camera, you can check your messages and respond to them while having a constant knowledge about what’s going on in front of you.

Enables you to log in to your account through not only one but multiple devices. Any activity on one device is automatically mirrored to the other, so if you start a chat conversation on one device, it is duplicated on other devices easily. You can control the sessions on other devices from your current device and can terminate them on a single swipe.

With this feature, the user has the privilege to stay online and use the application without giving away the online status. You can scroll through Timeline or Chat with anyone you want, without worrying about who catches you online.

You can send replies to an individual user or a group of users that have replied to your story easily without taking your time.

At times, when your data is off or your phone’s switched off, we save your notifications so you don’t miss on anything. Just switch on your phone and you will find your messages waiting for you.

Now you can share your location, images, videos, documents, contact numbers and much more with your friends and family at any time.

The “Logout” is the operation that explicitly terminates the user’s session. When the user presses the “Logout” button, they would be redirected to the public Screen (the “Login” screen) specific to the device they choose to logout from.

You are able to see how many times your story has been viewed by someone and you also get to know which users have downloaded your story.

With this feature, you can share any message with up to 500 users at once. End to end encryption: We provide end-to-end encryption for your personal messages. It means, the messages are encrypted between two users and are protected as data is not stored on our server and is also protected from third party.

Create story and post: With this feature, you can create a post or story , as per your liking. With this, you can also add a thought to your post and a text to your story.

and much moreā€¦.

We are constantly working very hard to make all of our users satisfied with the services that we are giving in this application. We wish to make your experience better with Triftel.

We are always excited to hear from you. If you want to give any suggestions, feedback or have any questions for us, you can mail us.

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TRIFTEL APK Free Download and Install On Android Smart Phone & TV, the newest version of “TRIFTEL” Social app is now available for one click download from our secure and safest server.

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