Paycheck Calculator (US) APK For Android – Free Download

We created Paycheck Calculator because we were constantly asking ourselves 🤔 the following questions: 💵 How would my paycheck look like if…– I accepted a job with a yearly salary of X?– I received a raise of X dollars per hour?– I moved to X city?– I worked X hours of overtime this week?– I … Read more

Loop11 User Testing APK For Android – Free Download

The Loop11 app allows you to participate in usability testing studies ran by design companies from around the world. This app will open when you start a usability test for which you have been provided a link to. The app will record your interactions with the test website and provide anonymous data back to the … Read more

LOOP: Equitable auto insurance APK For Android – Free Download

Loop is a car insurance provider that is honest, fair, and transparent. We use our technology to price you using no credit check, education, occupation or any irrelevant factors. Simply download, drive, and save.Download the Loop app to get your car insurance quote in 60 seconds, get fully insured in 5 minutes, get personalized safety … Read more

Loop – Dreams On Wheels APK For Android – Free Download

Loop Mobility is considering a move to create and provide a scooter sharing service for the residents in Doha. Until now there is no such service in Doha, which limited the development of public transport.By offering this kind of solution in Doha, it helps to solve the first-and last-mile problems, which will extend the accessibility … Read more

Tiny Pixel Knight – Idle RPG APK For Android – Free Download

Game Introduction Tiny Pixel Knight is an idle RPG adventure game with the feature of pixel and Auto-Battle. You will be a knight to explore the pixel world to beat different monsters and to make the monster index. â– StoryFor thousands of years, the pixel kingdom has been harassed and invaded by monsters.As lands are occupied … Read more