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Loner Mobile APK Free Download and Install On Android Smart Phone & TV, the newest version of “Loner Mobile” Tools app is now available for one click download from our secure and safest server.

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Loner Mobile is a lone worker safety monitoring and industrial app for Android. Compliant with GDPR, all data remains under the control of your organization and not shared with third parties. Blackline currently monitors 60,000+ employees in 50+ countries around the world.

Businesses use Loner Mobile to monitor the safety of employees who work beyond sight and sound of others. Free to download on Android. Each Loner Mobile app is registered with an organization-level Blackline Live account and requires a service plan (see Get Started section).

Loner Mobile is highly configurable and monitors worker safety through a check-in timer, no-motion (man down) detection and works with several Bluetooth accessories that provide wearable access to a physical SOS button.

Loner Mobile runs in the background and connects to the Blackline Safety Cloud, reporting safety status and location information. Should an emergency occur, Loner Mobile triggers an alert to a live monitoring team to direct help to the employee’s location. Live monitoring team options include supervisors, a control room, central monitoring station or Blackline’s 24/7 in-house Safety Operations Center / Alarm Receiving Center partner.

Customizable for a broad range of scenarios, Loner Mobile is configured from the Blackline Safety Cloud.

– Works with Android and Android Wear
– Works with Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity
– Call for help using the SOS alert slider (incl. silent SOS option)
– Use optional Bluetooth accessories for a physical SOS button
– Confirm your safety using the configurable check-in timer
– Use automatic check-in when driving (configurable speed)
– Location technology includes Wi-Fi and GPS (configurable reporting interval)
– Notify supervisors of an alert through SMS and email

Blackline Live is accessible from any internet-connected device and includes configuration management, emergency response management, data analytics and industrial tools.

– User access controls for tight data control and privacy (GDPR compliant)
– Configure Loner Mobile apps in real-time, wirelessly / over-the-air
– Configuration profiles update every device simultaneously and consistently
– Emergency response management using world-leading online tools
– Custom, fully documented emergency response protocols
– Alert profiles ensure that every alert is managed and escalated to the correct contacts
– Optional 24/7 live monitoring by Blackline’s in-house Safety Operations Center or Alarm Receiving Centre partners
– Blackline’s SOC responds are alerts in less than a minute 99% of the time
– Every alert is fully documented for reporting

Loner Mobile is free to download but must be activated within an organization account in Blackline’s cloud-hosted safety monitoring software. Loner Mobile requires a service plan and purchase of a software license.

Service plans include Blackline Safety Cloud data storage, Loner Mobile configuration management, emergency response management and data analytics. Live 24/7 Blackline monitoring services are optional.

Contact Blackline Safety to request an activation code.

North American and international:
support@blacklinesafety.com, +1 403 451 0327

United Kingdom and Europe:
eusupport@blacklinesafety.com, +44 1787 222684

What’s New on latest release of Loner Mobile APK App

Added support for Blackline’s European Cloud services
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Loner Mobile APK Free Download and Install On Android Smart Phone & TV, the newest version of “Loner Mobile” Tools app is now available for one click download from our secure and safest server.

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