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LogiNext Driver APK Free Download and Install On Android Smart Phone & TV, the newest version of “LogiNext Driver” Business app is now available for one click download from our secure and safest server.

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Enable the delivery associate to perform their tasks with precision, expertise, and aplomb through this versatile and intuitive application which helps delivery associate to plan their day as they streamline their schedule, optimize delivery routes, deliver on-time, optimize service time, electronically validate authenticity of deliveries, capture feedback, and decrease the overall turnaround time for all the deliveries performed.

Retail, eCommerce, FMCG, courier, manufacturing, logistics & transport, pharmaceutical, and food & beverage are a few industries that have benefited from LogiNext Driver App and its resource engagement and management capabilities.

LogiNext’s flagship product Mile helps enterprises schedule deliveries, plan delivery sequence, allocate trips, track resources, optimize delivery routes, and ensure quality delivery fulfillment with suitable feedback capture, electronic proof of delivery, and subsequent analytics generated post successful completion of tasks. The operations manager can utilize ‘Mile’ to streamline the entire last mile logistics of the company. LogiNext Driver App, working with Mile, helps cover all tracking and optimizing scenarios to
create a consolidated planning and management system for the enterprise.

With LogiNext Driver App, the delivery associate can:
– Systematically follow the optimized delivery schedule
– Locate addresses with the exact directional and traffic-avoiding suggestions
– Optimize their routes as they pursue their order deliveries
– Receive instant messages from the managers in case of order updates
– Interact and chat amongst other delivery associate to avail ground-level information
about the destination
– Reach delivery destinations on time
– Validate all fulfilled deliveries by taking ePOD at location
– Record valuable customer feedback
– Mark the current delivery as successful and move on to the next delivery

With LogiNext Driver App, the operations and logistics managers can:
– Enhance tracking visibility for all moving resources
– Utilize the quick reaction time enabled through the application to handle service
– Record accurate service and delivery time for better planning and forecasting
– Track the availability and activity of delivery associatee
– Record all delivery validations and customer feedback in real-time

Some striking features within LogiNext Driver App include:
– Delivery Route Optimization
– Customer Location Mapping
– Digital Pick-up/Delivery Run Sheets
– Centralized Reporting Module
– ePOD/e-sign (Electronic proof of deliveries/Electronic signatures)
– COD (Cash on Delivery)
– Barcode Scanning
– Field Force Attendance Management
– Fleet Management
– Fleet Tracking
– Field Service Automation

About LogiNext:
LogiNext leads the field workforce and logistics optimization solutions market with its industry bench-marked products for last mile, field force, on-demand delivery, and linehaul express management.

With more than 150 enterprise clients across North America, Middle-East, South and Southeast Asia, LogiNext has been accepted as the fastest growing SaaS enterprise in logistics and field service optimization space.


This mobile application is proprietary software of LogiNext Solutions Inc. and is bound by End User License Agreement as given on http://www.loginextsolutions.com/end-user-license-agreement . By downloading and/or installing it, the User acknowledges that they are agreeing to all the terms of this agreement and are in possession of a written consent of LogiNext Solutions Inc. for the authorized use/download. The entire application and related software and databases, including but not limited to, information regarding LogiNext’s products, data, images, software, applications, specifications, libraries, utilities, services, technology, business, are Copyright Information of LogiNext Solutions Inc.

What’s New on latest release of LogiNext Driver APK App

We constantly improve our routing and planning efficiency along with our user interface with timely updates
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LogiNext Driver APK Free Download and Install On Android Smart Phone & TV, the newest version of “LogiNext Driver” Business app is now available for one click download from our secure and safest server.

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