Hook VPN App – The Best Option To Secure Web Browsing

Hook VPN could be one of the best choices for Advanced users. Because it has some awesome features to get a faster Internet browsing experience with some reliable proxy. Security is now a concern issue for every Internet user. So, a VPN is now the dependable option that protects yourself from cyber threats.

Hook VPN App

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Anonymous Internet Browsing With Hook VPN

Your IP will be hidden for security purposes. So third-party websites can’t look up your IP address. Even the pro version can hide your Mac address! Which will help a lot to issues with security concerns. This way, it can keep safe you from the various traps on the Internet. By hiding your IP, It will automatically hide your location also.

Geo Unblocking by Location Hiding

Remove geo restrictions within one click! A click on the “Connect button” can remove your geo restrictions within a few seconds. If a website is blocked from your region, then it could be a good idea to install the Hook VPN app to overcome it in the easiest way without a security issue. I mean that your authority can’t be able to find you that you have visited the blocked contents. So your security will prior first.

Secure for Data Safety and ad-free Web Browsing Experience

The Hook VPN App will use its secure server to provide you with content you have to download or browse from a website. Firstly It will confirm that the data you will receive is totally safe for your device. It should be the best solution for unlimited data surfing with a secure proxy server.

Unlimited Bandwith with Unlimited Proxy Server

Enjoy the unlimited Internet bandwidth for watching videos, surfing web content like- Images, Texts and etc. With the free version, you can go with watching videos 24×7. Don’t worry It will not block you from surfing after a limited quota. It does not have any quota for the free version users. The proxy servers are listed on the app interface which is easy and user-friendly.

Easy to Use Interface

The Interface which is also known as UI is awesome for every user. Because, when you will open the app on your Android it will represent a page for choosing your preferred location or proxy server to connect it within a click! It has a lot of proxy locations globally recognized and almost all the countries are covered to use as a virtual IP with DNS and IP Leak protection technology.

Global Coverage

Hook VPN has a lot of servers worldwide. And, is best for countries like- Russia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Singapore, Germany, India, the United States (USA), Japan, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia.

Best For Russian Users

You know that a lot of Western websites are blocked by the Russian government for the Russian people. So they go with the Hook VPN App to unblock regional restrictions easily.

#1 Choice for Iranian Peoples

During the last century, there has been a lot of controversy between the Western world and Iran. The Iranian government is very conservative. As a result, the Iranian government blocked a lot of Western websites to block the spreading of Western culture on Iranian citizens. So the people of Iran are using Hook VPN to unblock the geo-restrictions.


Every citizen has to obey their own culture and government rules and Every person should respect other countries’ cultures, rules, and regulations. But if the government imposes some rules which are not good for the citizens then they have to use a different way to maintain their quality lives. Nowadays, the Internet is the option for global freedom of life. So advanced users are using the Hook VPN App to fulfill the percentage to get higher Independence in the most secure way.