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EOS Sauna Control APK Free Download and Install on Android, the newest version of "EOS Sauna Control" app is now compatible with the Old & New Edition of Android OS. Securely Get it for Smart TV Samsung, Vivo, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.

App Interface & ScreenShots:

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How To Install EOS Sauna Control App APK New Version on Android

Download EOS Sauna Control App APK software for Android from most secure & reliable server of ApkBestApps. All the Android engines like Phone n Smart TV are completable for enjoying EOS Sauna Control App.

  1. Download APK from ApkBestApps.
  2. Go to settings and allow ApkBestApps as 3rd-party trusted source.
  3. EOS Sauna Control app is now should be starting installation process
  4. The EOS Sauna Control apk installation completed

A Brief on EOS Sauna Control App FAQ – How, Why n User Guide

The new EOS Sauna Control app allows you now to control your sauna from any location, no matter if you are in the car going back from shopping, return from a trip abroad and just landed at the airport or are on your way home after a hard working day. No need to wait first until your sauna gets warm as in the past, upon getting home you can start using your sauna right away at your desired settings.

The EOS Sauna Control app works everywhere where your smartphone or your tablet PC have an internet connection.

In addition to the reliable on/off switching and climate adjustment (temperature and humidity) you can make a whole range of further settings like cabin light, timer and queries of the current temperature and humidity.

The EOS Sauna Control app is available as a free download for all current smartphones and tablet PCs using Android and Apple iOS. It is compatible with the sauna control units Emotec D/H, Emotouch II+ and Emotouch 3 in combination with the special EOS remote access module.

The highlight of the app is the easy, intuitive operation, which replicates almost exactly the same visual interface and operation logic of the connected sauna control unit, depending on what control unit model you have installed in your sauna.

You can use the app to control several saunas in different locations or let the sauna be controlled by several users or from several devices. So it is for instance possible that every family member can control the home sauna.

At the same time the safety remains our highest priority, the sauna heater can be only switched on if it is in a safe condition thanks to the unique EOS safety solutions. Only authorized users can access and control the sauna using the app.

What’s New Features On Latest Update Of EOS Sauna Control Apk

– Emotouch 3 support
– Minor UI improvements and bugfixes

Confirmation of Disclaimer

The apk file is not our property. Own by its developer/publisher. Even ApkBestApps don’t join any affiliation with EOS Sauna Control. The logo & UI Images of EOS Sauna Control is property of its developer company. Finally, we are not owner of EOS Sauna Control.

We recommend you to use the official app landing page to download EOS Sauna Control app. Use our secure server, If you must need to download APK of EOS Sauna Control app.

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